How to Play with Bitcoins

One of the most popular Bitcoin games today is Bitcoin Dice. With its simple game mechanics and huge payout offerings, this Bitcoin game will sure turn your world upside down. But before you can enjoy this fascinating Bitcoin game, it is a must for you to understand the basics and learn how to play with bitcoins. This way, you are guaranteed to have a great time playing dice with your bitcoins.

Steps on how to play with bitcoins on dice gaming sites:

  1. You don’t have to register for an account in order to play the game. All you have to do is send the required amount of BTC to the designated wallet address. You may also learn about how to buy bitcoins just in case you have limited ideas on how to procure them. Just make sure that the amount you send is within the minimum and maximum range. This process is similar to making a deposit in an online casino; the only difference here is you are using bitcoins instead of real cash.
  2. Depending on the site you will be playing, at least one confirmation is needed before your bitcoins are credited. Once a confirmation is received, it is a “go signal” that you are ready to roll the dice.
  3. In playing Bitcoin dice, you have two options to choose from: the “Roll-Hi” and “Roll-Lo.” Here you have the option to “modify” the game settings according to your liking. For instance, if you adjusted the win odds to 60% and you chose Roll-Hi, the result of the draw must be higher than 40%. However, if you opted for Roll-Lo; then the result must be lower than 60%.
  4. If you win, your bitcoins will automatically be credited to your wallet address. You can withdraw your winnings based on the site’s required number of confirmations you have to meet. In an online casino, this is known as the wagering requirement.

Learning how to play with bitcoins is a must if you are interested in playing Bitcoin casino games, most specially Bitcoin dice at a dice casino. Just follow the abovementioned steps and you will sure have a rewarding and enjoyable Bitcoin gambling experience you have been dreaming of.