Bitcoin Exchanges

For you to have bitcoins, you need to visit a Bitcoin exchange. It is a site that lets you buy, sell, and convert fiat currencies to bitcoins. This is important because the exchange will be the one that will give you crypto currencies. There are Bitcoin exchanges for each crypto currency; there is Ethereum exchange, Litecoin exchange, and more. To be educated about Bitcoin and altcoins, you can visit Best Bitcoin Dice site.

Top Bitcoin exchanges

  • BTCChina – is the first Bitcoin exchange in China and soon became the second largest exchange as of October 2014.
  • Bitfinex – is crypto currency storage and exchange owned by iFinex Inc in Hong Kong.
  • Korbit – is the first exchange in July 2013 that allowed the exchange of Korean Won and Bitcoin.
  • Kraken – this crypto currency exchange allows users to change euro and dollars to Bitcoin.
  • Bitstamp – this exchange is in Luxemburg and uses API for users to control and access their accounts.
  • Coinbase– this Bitcoin exchange is not only limited to Bitcoin, but is now open to other altcoins, such as Litecoin.
  • BTCe – the exchange that allows trading of fiat currencies and Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.
  • Bitbay – is an exchange that provides you with transactions and control over your coins.
  • – this started as a former could mining and soon became a Bitcoin exchange.
  • Gemini – is one of the Bitcoin exchanges that lets users buy, sell, convert, and store ether and bitcoins.
  • Globitex – this is a European Bitcoin exchange that focuses on global customers.

Importance of Bitcoin exchanges

Bitcoin exchanges are like banks but these sites are created to help users to buy and sell their currency to Bitcoin. Without these exchanges, no one will be able to use crypto currencies. Example, you want to play Bitcoin dice. You will go to a Bitcoin dice site and search for the best Bitcoin dice game, but you cannot start without having bitcoins. You also cannot pay or make a transaction without bitcoins. Basically, after you create a Bitcoin wallet, going to Bitcoin exchanges is the next step before you can officially start using Bitcoin.

If choosing a Bitcoin wallet is crucial, then it is the same for Bitcoin exchanges. Considering that an exchange is important in using bitcoins, there are companies who decided to create the best exchange out there. Each exchange has a different perk that could amaze and attract you. Just be sure to research first before trusting an exchange.