Even Bitcoin dice players need to search through several Bitcoin exchanges to find one that best suits them. And if you are in need of reliable platform then Bitstamp is among the names you should take note of.

This exchange offers services that are of great value even for online bettors like you. After all, it lets you easily convert your currencies that you can use to play free Bitcoin dice game on your favorite Bitcoin dice sites. But never think that this exchange is good for online bettors only because everyone can benefit from the Bitstamp services.

Benefits of Bitstamp

  • Flexible limits. If you need an exchange that allows you to trade with large amounts, you should go to this exchange. You are not only limited to trading, but you can also send large amounts to other users. Unfortunately, you must be aware that there will be a fixed fee for every transaction. Also, the exchange allows you to check the status of each trade.
  • Secure platform. This exchange makes sure that your account is safe with its two-factor authentication feature. This sends you a notification if someone tries to hack into your account. It also has PCI scanning and secure sockets layer feature to keep you away from suspicious servers.
  • User privacy. If you are interested to try this exchange, just simply create an account. You just need to fill out the form and give your name, address, e-mail, financial information, and identity. This will also help the exchange to protect you and verify your identity. Do not worry because your personal information will not be sold and shared to other users. This is also because the exchange follows different polices and laws to protect its clients.

Bitstamp vs Other Exchanges

Just like other Bitcoin exchanges, Bitstamp allows you to deposit and withdraw funds for free. Not only that, the trading fee is also cheap compared with other exchanges. If this is your first time to try a Bitcoin exchange, you will appreciate Bitstamp’s simple interface. With its simplicity, you will not have a hard time converting, selling, buying, and trading cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, Bitstamp continues to improve to give its clients a high-quality user experience. Apart from the benefits it already has, the exchange continues to improve each year. As of this writing, it is now Segwit-compatible.

With this feature, users can now hold more transactions. This can help those who wish to transfer huge amounts of funds to multiple users. This feature also has a second-layer solution to make sure that all transactions are safe and secured.