BTCe is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges in the history of Bitcoin. Over the years, this exchange was able to build a good reputation and became popular. Businessmen, regular individuals, and even online gamers depend on this exchange.

Furthermore, online gamers who enjoy playing Bitcoin dice game also have a BTCe account. This is because the exchange can help these gamers convert their wins from Bitcoin dice sites. With this exchange, you have more time to enjoy Bitcoin dice faucet.

Advantages of BTCe

Apart from allowing users to sell, buy, convert, and trade cryptocurrencies. This exchange provided its clients with services that are beneficial for them. If you are curious why this exchange is popular, find out its perks.

Multiple currencies

To continue attracting clients, this exchange allows you to buy, sell, and convert to different cyrptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, Dash, and Litecoin. With this, the users will not only be limited to the popular cryptocurrencies and will not have a problem looking for another exchange just to convert their funds.

Simple Interface

Another reason why this exchange has a lot of clients is because of its simplicity. You can easily navigate through the site. This way, more clients will be interested to use cryptocurrencies. Also, the exchange has a chat box in which you can communicate with other users. This can also help you if you have other inquiries that the site cannot answer.

Easy Registration

If you wish to sign up for this exchange, you just need to provide your e-mail address and password. After that, you can now use this exchange without providing more of your personal information. With this feature, you will not be afraid that someone might steal your identity.

BTCe developments

Unfortunately, this exchange encountered problems to the point that the site has to close. The funds were returned to clients, but even if this challenge occurred, the exchange did not stop its purpose. After a few weeks, BTCe relaunched with its new name, WEX. This new exchange will be different from before because it will follow better regulatory standards, such as Anti-Money Laundering law.

Just like BTCe, WEX also has a simple interface. This can attract more clients to use this new exchange. Even if it is new, this exchange will not have complicated buttons or instructions just for you to use it. WEX might have a simple interface, but its services will make you continue using cyrptocurrencies.