Coinbase Exchange

Need a reliable exchange to convert your earnings from Bitcoin dice? You do not have to look for more because you can go to Coinbase exchange. Compared with other Bitcoin exchanges, Coinbase exchange provides you with quick and safe conversions. You can easily buy, sell, and trade and later on enjoy playing Bitcoin dice game. You can even try using any Bitcoin dice faucet then convert your satoshi on this exchange. More so, with Coinbase, you no longer have to wait long hours just to use your funds.

What is Coinbase exchange?

There are a lot of clients who prefer this exchange because of its excellent performance over the years. It succeeded in creating a good reputation that attracts even first timers. You might be wondering: “Why are there thousands of users who prefer this exchange and  what exactly does it do?”

Instant Exchange Feature

Coinbase exchange has an instant exchange feature which lets you send and receive cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies from other clients. This is possible with a simple click of the Send button. You can also transfer funds to the exchange from your wallet.

Security & Backup Tools

Moreover, to make sure that your funds are safe at all times, the exchange also has security features and backups. This is to ensure that no matter what happens, your funds are in good hands. Hackers and suspicious servers will not be able to access your account.

More Crypto Options

Not only those, you can also trade on Coinbase. Unlike other exchanges, you can trade with various crypto and fiat currencies.  Even beginners will not have a hard time trading because of its simplicity. It will also provide you with trade history, charting tools, and order books. Do not worry because there are no maker fees per trade.

How to get started with Coinbase exchange?

  1. Create a Coinbase wallet. This will store your private keys and public address needed for you to send, receive, and transfer cryptocurrencies.
  2. Connect your bank account or credit card. Link your banking details to the exchange will enable you to buy, sell, convert, and trade cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Once that is done, you can now enjoy the benefits of the exchange.
  3. Download the mobile app. Get the mobile app so that you can check the latest updates on the market. Through this, you will know the current prices of cryptocurrencies. This can also help you determine if you should convert or trade.