How Gemini became one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges

The Winklevoss twins rose to fame after filing a suit against Mark Zuckerberg whom they accused for stealing the idea of Facebook. They are also behind a popular Bitcoin exchange called Gemini. They claim to own 1% of all mined Bitcoin, which technically makes their company one of the widely used Bitcoin exchanges out there. They launched this site in 2016.

This Bitcoin exchange operates in 42 different states in the US as well as in the UK, South Korea, Japan, and many others. The site also has licensing for their banking services.

Useful benefits from using this digital market

This site has many benefits that can help you as a starting Bitcoin dice player if you are looking for a place to exchange Bitcoin. Here are three advantages you can get when you use this exchange.

  • Experience hassle-free banking transactions. Multiple banking choices are available to deposit and withdraw.
  • Enjoy flexible currency conversions. You can trade between different cryptocurrencies and fiat money.
  • Ensure trade and account security. This site is regulated by a secure source to protect its data from cyber-thieves.

How can you trade your money in this exchange?

The twins made sure that the users would transfer their deals hassle-free. They also designed an easy process for buying and selling cryptocurrencies on Gemini. Here are easy ways to trade currencies in this Bitcoin exchange.

Use ACH transfers

You can easily use debit and credit cards to convert money after playing on the best Bitcoin dice sites. You can deposit into and withdraw from your account without any charge. Eventually, after one to seven days, your deposit will be dealt with the site and you can start playing, this applies to non-US users. US players can instantly buy Bitcoin from the site. However, to have these deals, you will need to set up its two-factor authentication. This will require you to verify your bank account and your identity.

Convert US dollar and Bitcoin

You can deposit and withdraw USD, BTC, and ETH. However, there is also a tiny 0.25% fee in each trade. People who deal with cryptocurrencies will be at a disadvantage if their deals are not taken care of quickly. The site will have to deal with handling its transactions using your public information, which means that this soft wallet will have access to your private information.

Start secure Bitcoin trading in this exchange

The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS) regulates this Bitcoin exchange. This comes with the sole desire to serve the highest quality of banking service standards. The site has righteous obligation to protect the trust of their customers.

NYSDFS encrypts the site. Additionally, it needs to verify your bank account and identity. This can lead to several complications. This is because of the sole reason that online gambling is illegal in the US.

The Winklevoss twins have had their share of rumble-tumble. They had bad experiences as customers, having someone allegedly stolen their website. You will not expect bad things from people who were treated badly by themselves. The proof you need is by looking at their customer support. This shows how the site tries to fix the user’s problem quickly.