Beetle Guide

Beetle guide includes things that you need to remember before rolling the dice in this simple and fun game. Toy maker Schaper toys released Beetle in 1942 under its first name, “Cootie”. Since then, it has been a favorite game at parties, especially for kids. The reason for that is that this game involves simple rules that kids will be able to understand easily.

Things you need for this fun game

This Beetle guide starts with listing down the materials for this game. Since this is a Bitcoin dice game, you need to have a Bitcoin dice before you can start playing this fun game. You only need one dice for this game, although some variations of this game would include two dice to speed up the game. Each player should have a pen and a piece of paper. These two things are important since this game involves drawing the beetle.

The rules of the game are simple yet tricky

The goal of this game is to know who among the players will be the first one draw the beetle. Each number corresponds to a body part of the beetle: six is the body while five is the head, 4 is the wings of the beetle while 3 is the legs and the last two parts, which are the antenna and the eyes are numbers 2 and 1, respectively.

You might be thinking that drawing a beetle even with numbers correspond to body parts is easy, but this Beetle guide wants you to know that there is a tricky part to that. There is an order that you need to follow regarding the drawing of the body parts of the beetle. You have to draw the body first, followed by the head. It is after the head that you can draw the rest of the parts.

What the above rule implies about the rolling of dice is that the first number that you have to roll is the number 6, followed by number 5. For example, you will not be able to draw if you roll the dice for the first time and the number that came out is number three. That is why there is a corresponding number for each body part.

Few things to remember

While there are no skills and cheats in this game, it will be helpful for you if you know the numbers and the body parts that correspond to each number. Another Beetle guide that you need to keep in mind is the order of the body parts of the Beetle in the game.

This Beetle guide will help you be more familiar with this simple game. Even though the mechanics of the game are plain, you might forget a small detail, which might cause you to lose in this game. Consider this guide the next time you play this fun game with your friends and family.