Boggle is a Bitcoin dice game, but unlike a normal dice with number, you will find dice with letters. Alan Turoff came up with the idea of this game and later gave the famous toy makers, the Parker Brothers, to release it on public. The game received a lukewarm welcome when it first came out, but when the brothers re-marketed it four years later, the public welcomed it warmly. We now have different varieties of this game, but the traditional version is still the favorite of most people.

You might have encountered this game before, but if not, do not worry because this game is simple to play. You do not need to know how to play Dice the normal way since this game has a different version of dice.

How Boggle works

Before you even start playing this game, there are things that you need to have. First, you need to buy the game, which is available in most department stores across the globe. A set of Boggle game has a lidded tray divided into 16 squares, 16 dice with letters on all sides and a timer, usually a sand timer. After getting the game, each player should have a pen and a paper.

After getting all these materials, you are now ready to play Boggle. The game starts with a player shaking the lidded tray with all the dice inside it. After shaking it, put the tray down and wait until all the letters settle in the squares. You can remove the lid and start the time after all the letters fill in the squares.

How to win in Boggle

The goal of Boggle is to find as many words as possible, with letter adjacent to each other. You can form words horizontally, vertically and diagonally and the longer your words are, the better. You can also write words within a word. For example, you can write “air” and “plane” separately and combine both words to form “airplane”.

All the players write their words in the paper without showing it to each other. The game stops once the timer is up and all players compare their words. There is a point system in this game to determine who wins the game: three to four lettered words get one point, five lettered words receive two points, words with six letters will get three points, words with seven letters get five points and words with eight or more letters will get 11 points.

If more than one player gets the same word, all the players with that word should cross that out. Once all the common words have been crossed out, players can start tallying their scores. The player who gets the highest score wins the game.

Boggle is a fun dice game that everyone can play. It is also easy to understand and very educational as well. This game does not include luck, unlike other dice games where the wins are determined by luck. You can teach your friends and family how to play dice and you will all have a wonderful time playing it.