There are plenty of tutorials that teach you how to play dice. However, these are limited to just betting on ranges or numbers. If you want a change of pace, you can study other dice games. One of these is Bunco. It can be a family parlor game, but you can make it more exciting by having prizes for the winners. While Bitcoin dice games are fun, there’s nothing quite like having an evening with friends and making a tidy profit.

Bunco History

Bunco’s history starts in Great Britain during the 1800s.  Back then its name was Eight Dice Cloth. As the game arrived in the USA, people from the Northeast enjoyed it. The game got popular during the California Gold Rush, introduced to players in San Francisco. Bunco really took off then, getting popular in gambling parlors.

The Setup

For this game, the sweet spot is 12. However, any number of people can play it, as long as it is divisible by four. Eight is the minimum number of players. Everyone sits at one of three tables: the Head table, Middle table or the Losing table. The host needs:

  1. 12 score sheets (1 per player)
  2. Bell
  3. Three dice
  4. Notepads and Writing

Where you’re seated for the first game doesn’t affect the outcome. It’s just a place to start. As this is a game of chance, anyone can join in and have fun. If you’re playing for prize money, this Bitcoin dice game could prove to be a profitable one.

Profitable Evenings: How to Score in Bunco

It’s a progressive dice game that uses 3 dice. The idea is for you to roll the best number per round. In one game, there are six rounds. In the first round, the best number to roll is a 1, so you can score. In the second round, it’ll be a 2, then 3 and so on. If it’s your turn rolling the dice, you get a point if you get the target number for that round. Two target numbers in one throw are worth two points. You can be unlucky in this game, too. If someone throws the dice and none of the numbers is their target, their turn is over. They should pass the dice to the player on their left.

If you’re lucky and get three target numbers, then you have a Bunco and get 21 points. You also get one landing Bunco point. At the end of the game, whoever has the highest score wins. At the end of the round, the winning players at the Head Table stay there. One player switches seats so they can have a different partner for their next go.