Button Men

But what’s Button Men?

Bitcoin dice games are a lot of fun. But sometimes it can feel a little stale. This is where you might decide to play slots for a while. However, people still want to learn how to play dice games. Plus, if you’re playing for prizes the Bitcoin dice game gets even more interesting.

This is where games like Button Men come in. It’s a dice game invented by James Ernest and published by Cheapass Games. The first release was in 1999. Button Men is a two-player game. Most rounds are short and it takes less than 10 minutes to play. It’s called Button Men because a pin-back button represents each player. If there are no buttons, you can use a playing card instead.

The button has a name and a picture on it. They’re either a “fighter” or a “Button Man.” The button will determine what dice you get, and what the dice are worth.

Playing with Button Men

The point of the game is to capture or take control of your opponent’s dice. You do this by rolling dice and capturing it if you can. You win if you’re the first player to win three rounds. It’s a simple concept but it’s the buttons that keep people playing.

You start with dice of different sizes. If you don’t have dice, you can make do with a random number generator.) How many dice you get depends on what Button Men you get. You keep the same fighter until the end of the game. Keeping things interesting are different dice types. They can range from poison dice to speed dice and even twin dice, with different effects.

Keeping things Competitive

If you really wanted to, you could get a friend and play for prizes. If you had a lot of friends who want to play Button Men, you could play it tournament-style. Every pair is part of a different team, and the game continues until there is only one champion.  In games like this, the strategy is a priority. Not everyone in the game is on even grounds.

Designers do try to keep a Button Man’s strengths and weaknesses balanced. But like in other games, there are just some die skills and sizes that can help you win more games. Some of these abilities are so strong that Cheapass Games declared it not “tournament legal.” In the spirit of fairness, anyone that organizes a tournament should consider banning the buttons. Even with a strategy, Button Men also relies on chance. Anyone can roll a 20-sided die and end up with a 1.

One thing is for sure: Games like this are keeping people’s interest in Bitcoin dice games alive.