All about Dayakattai

There are times when Bitcoin dice players want to learn something new. There are plenty of dice games from different countries. Now you can learn how to play dice games and profit, too. Dayakattai is a dice game from Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India. You can compare it to Pachisi, another kind of dice game. If you’re an indecisive player, this game can increase your decision-making skills depending on the situation.

Dayakattai uses long, cuboid-shaped dice. Other names for it are Daala and Daayam.  The long dice are made of brass and have dots on them (1, 2, 3 and 0.) If you play Dayakattai, you get six coins/chips. There is a ‘home’ in the center of the board.

Enjoying Dayakattai

If you want to play this Bitcoin dice game, you’ll need 2-4 people for one round. Everyone takes a turn rolling the Dayakattai. You can move your pieces up space if you roll a Dayayam—0 on one side and 1 on the other. After, you can roll again. Your piece moves forward according to the number of the dice. Your goal is to move every piece out of the home. If you want to move every piece out of the home, you’ll need to roll a Daayam for every piece.

At first, every piece moves forward along your side. Then, it goes clockwise. You can roll again if you get:

  • Twelve (two 0s)
  • One
  • Five
  • Six

You can distribute your rolls among your chips. If you roll a 6, 2 or 12 you can choose to spread it out among your pieces. One chip can move 12 spaces, another 2 and the last 6. Or you can get the three numbers and have two chips share it. You can even just move one piece by the total number of your roll.

Dayakattai gets more exciting when you can cut your opponents’ pieces.

Cutting Other Pieces

Being able to cut pieces keeps Dayakattai interesting. A coin can ‘cut’ another by landing on the same space. If your piece is cut, it’s sent back to ‘home.’ Luckily, there are ‘safe zones’ on the board. If your piece lands on a space marked with an X, no one can cut it. After completing a round, the piece can move on the outer edge. Now your goal is to make the piece reach the right side of your leg of the game board. You win when all your pieces make it to the center of the board. If you play for prizes, you can have fun and profit.