Duell is a two-player chess and dice game variant played on a 9×8 board. If you know how to play dice games like Yahtzee, you will surely get a kick out of this game. It delivers unique yet fun gaming experiences. Playing the game is relatively easy. The two participants take turns moving one of their dice in order to capture their opponent’ pieces. Your goal here is to take down the opponent’s king, just like you would in chess.

The game was published as Conquest once, and is known by that name in some countries. Others recognize it as “The George v Mildred Dice Game” while others know it as “Tactix”. However, regardless of the name, it still retains the same gameplay everyone loves it for. If you’re all set to play the game, all you have to do is learn the setup and the gameplay for you to enjoy it.

Duell game arrangement

The two Duell players place the board in between them. All eight rows of nine squares should run left to right. Each piece is placed in a manner that the numbers appear face up. The sequence from left to right is: 5 1 2 6 1 6 2 1 5. A player’s key piece is marked with 1 on each face. Remember that this is the equivalent of the king in chess. The key piece appears in the middle and the 3s facing forwards to the controlling player. Remember that each dice displays the same order of numbers to ensure game fairness.

Duell Gameplay

Each player starts a Duell round with all nine dice. This should be arranged in an identical and specific position. Eight of the dice is standard 6-sided dice while the remaining dice being the Key piece. Your objective is to capture your opponent’s Key piece or to move your own Key piece onto your opponent’s key space.

Your pieces move across the board by tumbling from one square to another. The move follows the number of spaces the dice had facing up when the move began. For example, if you want to move a dice that is currently showing two on the top face, you can tumble, or move it two spaces. Keep in mind that you must roll it in the direction of your movement.

While moving the pieces, you can change direction 90 degrees. However, you can only do this once per turn. None of the pieces can move in a diagonal direction nor jump over other pieces. In addition to that, you cannot perform a double-back on the space you just came from. When moving your Key piece, it can only move one space per turn due to the fact that all of its sides are marked 1.

You can capture your opponent’s pieces by landing on them. This is only possible when you have an exact count. Once you capture a piece, you remove it from the board. No piece can return during the Bitcoin dice game. Capture your opponent’s key piece or occupy your opponent’s key space and become the Duell winner.