Duell Rules

Duell is a game that involves a playing field that involves a chess board. It is a game played with two participants. Each player gets a set of 16 dice each. The object of the key is to capture your opponent’s key dice. In and Duell rules guides, this is the focal point.

Importance of learning Duell rules

To ensure that your gaming experiences are seamless, it is a must that you learn all the Duell rules. Understanding the game gives you the confidence you need in order to apply certain techniques and strategies. Knowing all the Duell rules allows for smooth gaming experiences. Many people underestimate the importance of knowing the rules, when in fact; it is the most important aspect of playing the game.

Before you start your Duell endeavors, make sure that you are familiar with the game inside and out. Secure better opportunities. Be the best player you can be. Study all the qualities of the game to win.

Gameplay and rules

A die is tumbled either horizontally or vertically. You can also move the Bitcoin dice using a combination of both. The movement follows the number of spaces indicated by the die’s uppermost face.

 Players take one turn each to move one piece. According to standard Duell rules, a move may only include a 90-degree change in direction. You cannot move the dice diagonally. Moves may not pass through any of the existing pieces on the playing field.

If you want to move a die that is currently showing number three on the top face, you can tumble, or move, the die three spaces. When doing this, you must roll it in the direction of your movement. The playing field has raised grids that holds the die in place. You can only change direction 90 degrees once per turn. You are also not allowed to double-back on spaces you just came from.

For the key piece, both players are only allowed to move it one space per turn. Again, this is another one of the Duell rules that come as a standard.

To capture your opponent’s pieces, you have to land on them with the exact count. If you capture a piece, it is removed from the board. You cannot retrieve the pieces you lose in a game.

The Bitcoin dice game ends when you either one of the players captures their opponent’s key piece or occupies the key space.