Yahtzee Rules

Understanding the Yahtzee rules is an important trait for those who want to start rolling the dice with peace of mind. This is something that can unlock greater entertainment, thrills, and winnings along the way. Never underestimate the value of the game’s rules. Put in the time and effort to learn each and every aspect of Yahtzee. In the end, you are guaranteed to enjoy seamless gaming experiences all throughout.

While there are a number of Yahtzee rules implemented, you can always start slow. Don’t rush into it. You have to make sure that you fully grasp the each instruction before you move onto the next one. This way, you can secure better foundations, which results to better gaming experiences.

Yahtzee rules for starters

To determine who goes first, each player rolls the five dice. The standard Yahtzee rules declare that the player who gets the highest total goes first.

You are given the chance to roll the Bitcoin dice up to three times. Any player can pick which dice they wish to reroll after the first roll. You can intrude and end your turn any time before the last roll. However, you must mark a box on your scorecard with any of the following: a zero or if your dice match a particular sequence worth of points. You can also mark a single box if you wish and use any sequence of dice you wish that are present on your last roll.

Once you finish putting your score on the scorecard, the next player starts his/her turn. This will continue until all participants have finished marking all 13 boxes on their scorecard. A final score count is taken afterward, and the player with the highest score is crowned the winner.

Special Yahtzee rules

Now that you have a good grasp of the basic Yahtzee rules, you can then move on to the advanced rules of this Bitcoin dice game. First in line is the special scoring rule. If you’ve already scored a Yahtzee, you get an additional 100 points per Yahtzee beyond the first and apply the Joker rules.

On the other hand, if you zeroed out on your Yahtzee, then only the joker rules apply; you must complete a slot on your scorecard beginning with the upper section.

Joker rules are a special scheme for additional Yahtzees that cannot score normally. This is usually a result of the Yahtzee already zeroed out or scored. If you have a vacant space in the upper section of your scorecard, you must compile the total sum of all of the dice. Meanwhile, if the upper section is fully booked, you have to fill in the lower section of your scorecard as follows:

  • Three of a kind and four of a kind = sum of all five dice
  • Full house = 25 points
  • Small straight = 30 points
  • Large straight = 40 points