Bitcoin Games Offers Bitcoin Dice Experience

Bitcoin Games Offers Bitcoin Dice Experience

Looking for the best Bitcoin dice site can be difficult. With hundreds of small dice sites out there, it is hard to make a choice. is throwing its hat into the ring with its overhaul of the Bitcoin Games site. Though not focused on dice gaming, dice is included in the seven games being featured on the site. Originally a standard online casino, the site’s owners decided that they wanted to stand out from the competition and they rebuilt the site from the ground up.

Throwing the dice

Though the site has other games like video poker and slots, the real focus for dice enthusiasts is the dice section. The dice game looks like the usual dice site, with bets on whether the result will be high or low. It also allows players to tweak the chances like how much the bet is and the win percentages. The big difference is that there is an interesting side bet. If a roll manages to roll five sevens, there is a large prize bonus. If six sevens come up, the bonus is even larger.

The other games on the site are developed in the same vein. Each is unique and is a lot different from the usual mass-market offerings used by more mainstream casinos. The site’s owners have also taken into consideration the use of Bitcoin as part of the design element. For example, the slot game being offered has cryptocurrency-themed symbols on the reels instead of the normal symbols in slot machines.

Bitcoin’s advantages

Bitcoin usage is the sites foundation and it uses the strengths of the cryptocurrency to deliver a solid game experience. First of all, all transactions on the site use Bitcoin. This means all deposits and withdrawals are fast, with no additional questions asked. Only Bitcoin gaming sites can promise that all transactions are secure, while also ensuring that they are done quickly. Other gaming sites would ask for personal information while also being slow in delivering transactions.

There are some problems, though. One of them is that US players cannot play on the site with real stakes. They will have to settle for the use of online credits instead of wagering bitcoins. Besides that, the site does not offer any bonuses. The natural 99-percent return rate should be attractive enough, but it may not be what some people prefer. The limited selection of games may also turn people off from the site.

Despite these downsides, the Bitcoin Games site looks to be an attractive place to play at for Bitcoin dice online enthusiasts.