RNG: The Science Behind Bitcoin Dice Results

RNG: The Science Behind Bitcoin Dice Results

When people play at a Bitcoin dice casino, the basic gameplay is to make a guess on whether the result will be high or low. This refers to whether a roll will be higher or lower than a target number. The earliest Bitcoin dice sites had a set number, giving players only a choice of higher or lower. Further refinements in other sites have players being able to manipulate the target number. However, the core of the game stays the same, which is the generation of a random number. These results are provided by a random number generator.

How do dice gambling sites get their results?

What is a random number generator or RNG for short? These are mathematical algorithms that allow games to generate a random number in a fair manner. It is not just gambling sites that use them. They are also used in encryption software, videos games, and other programs that require a random result.

An RNG uses algorithms that create a set of numbers, limited to a particular range of numbers. Depending on the type of algorithm used, these RNGS can come up with millions of different outcomes within a fraction of a second. Some of them even take into account the time variable to ensure that the results are constantly changing.

These random number generators are not completely random, though. There are sequences and patterns that an observant player can use to figure out future results. This is why a lot of RNGs are extremely complicated and heavily encrypted to make it difficult to figure out a pattern.

Additionally, RNGs constantly come up with numbers even when they are not being used. With 24/7 number generation, it makes it virtually impossible for players to spot patterns in the gameplay. Additional precautions include using the time and date as part of the variables used for increased randomness.

Beyond Bitcoin dice

Bitcoin dice casinos are one of the most popular users of RNGs; however, other gambling games use the random number generators, too. Remember that the essence of gambling is about random results and they all need that to function properly. Besides being used in dice sites, they also happen to be popular in slot machine games.

Random number generators also did a lot of work with card games. The algorithm used with card games is a bit different since it gives each card a number value equating the different values of the cards along with the amount of decks been used. The numbers generated are then stored in a data set, simulating a shuffled deck. Once all the cards are drawn, a new set is created. Other games have their own protocols.

Random number generators are the heart of online gambling—especially of Bitcoin casinos with dice games—and appreciating their use is what every gambler should do.