SatoshiDice: Great Site To Play Bitcoin Dice

SatoshiDice: Great Site To Play Bitcoin Dice

For those who want to play Bitcoin dice, one of the best options out there is SatoshiDice. Known as the first and the best Bitcoin dice site out there, SatoshiDice still manages to offer a unique experience to even the most jaded dice player.

Launched back in 2012, SatoshiDice was one of the first Bitcoin gambling sites around and managed to find a huge success even with a very limited game offering. Initially, the site only offered a dice game, but the game’s simplicity and ease-of-use managed to attract a ton of players. This game is eventually managed to attract enough players that a bulk of Bitcoin’s early network traffic was primarily for transactions for this site.

Basics on dice

The draw of playing at SatoshiDice is that it is all pretty straightforward. There is no need for complicated strategies. Players mainly just roll the dice and end up having a lot of fun. When players begin, they pick a number between 1 and 64,225. That is a lot of numbers, but they can just do it randomly. Players then bet an amount. This is they wagering that the roll will lower or higher than the chosen number. The random number generator then rolls a number. There are even statistics displayed on how much they can win on a roll.

For example, picking number one and hoping to roll lower than that offers the best payout at 64,290.9x the bet. Picking 64,225 then hoping to roll lower will give a 1.0012x pay out, which is pretty low. Overall, the house gives a two-percent edge in the long run, so that can be pretty generous. It also helps that players can check the results out and be assured that the game is playing fair. The site always releases its random seed so that players can be sure they are not being cheated.

More than dice

SatoshiDice has also moved from beyond its dice origins. There is also an online slot being offered to give players some variety. With a chance to win 513 times the bet on every individual spin, the game can be pretty generous. The bonus features include free spins triggered by Bitcoin symbols appearing on the reels. During these spins, there are 40 extra wild symbols added across the reels to make victory easier.

SatoshiDice still manages to stay relevant even after all these years. Players should drop by and try out the original Bitcoin dice site that started it all.