Bitcoin Dice on iPhone

Bitcoin dice is a trending game in most online casinos. It has a simple gameplay mechanic of picking a lucky number and betting if the number to appear on the dice roll is going to be lower or higher than what you picked. There is also a deep system when you play dice. The different bets you make here may have a high chance of winning and a low payout. At the same time, high payouts will have a low chance of winning.

Apple mobile device owners can enjoy this game; thanks to the easy and quick ways to play Bitcoin dice on iPhone. Add to these the fact that some excellent Bitcoin casinos let you play dice on mobile without any problems.

BitStarz Casino

BitStarz Casino has one of the most popular Bitcoin dice games called Pocket Dice. The game is a great one for anyone new to Bitcoin dice. The interface is clean and easy to understand. At the top right is where you can set your lucky number and whether you want to bet ‘over’ or ‘under’. Just beside the lucky number is the payout rate of your bet. Once you’re set, you just click on ‘roll’ at the bottom to see if you win your bet. New players are likely to enjoy this Bitcoin dice on iPhone because of how easy it makes anyone learn the game.

FortuneJack Casino

The FortuneJack Bitcoin dice iPhone game is intended for long time players or those who are familiar with the rules of the game. In FortuneJack dice, players can directly set the winning percentage as well as the payout rate of their rolls, instead of going through the process of picking a number and type of bet. Thanks to this, long-time players can quickly set how risky their bets are per roll.

Another feature of FortuneJack is its progressive jackpot. Everyone has the chance of winning it as they play Bitcoin dice on iPhone. The top center is where you’ll find the current jackpot amount.

Much like Pocket Dice, the layout of’s dice game is simple. Playing this Bitcoin dice on iPhone allows you to directly set the winner percentage and payout rate just like in FortuneJack’s dice game.’s dice game is made with touch screen in mind. iPhone users can easily touch any of the buttons shown on the screen to play the game.

The dice game of makes its provably fair feature more highlighted than other games. Players can not only see the seed and the hash of the seed for the next roll, they can also verify it in the game. The dice game has a nifty converter which allows you to make sure the feature is preventing someone from controlling the dice rolls.

Mobile users are sure to enjoy these three mobile-friendly Bitcoin dice on iPhone.