Bitcoin Dice on Android

Bitcoin casinos are now one of the top choices in online gambling. The game of dice is the easiest online casino game everyone can play. This game is highly addicting and you are just as glad to know that these Bitcoin casinos let you play dice on your phones. You can now enjoy Bitcoin dice on Android.

Bitcoin dice on Android

Playing Bitcoin casinos is truly fun and addicting. In this time and age, most of us use our phones or other portable devices every day. These are easier and faster to use than our computers. Bitcoin casinos continue to make our lives easier by making their websites usable for mobile. Bitcoin dice is a highly popular game in Bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin dice on Android actually does not need any phone applications. Playing Bitcoin dice on Android is easy. Just make sure that you can use the internet on your phones and you are good to go.

Bitcoin casinos are now mobile-optimized. This function lets you play games on their site using your smartphones or tablets. The games run smoothly in a mobile set up for easier use. No phone applications or downloads needed to play Bitcoin dice on Android. Just log in and play!

Bitcoin dice on Android is no different from playing Bitcoin dice on the desktop. Same rules apply except that it is easier since you can carry the game all around.

Bitcoin dice refresher

Among all of the Bitcoin casino games out there, Bitcoin dice is the most enjoyable. Players do not have to lose their heads trying to understand the rules of the game. In Bitcoin dice, you just have to choose a number, place your bet, and roll! You’ll never run out of options where to play Bitcoin dice.

Since this a fast game to play, it keeps your attention long enough to fully enjoy your time. In playing Bitcoin Dice, your roll is everything. Firstly, you choose a number. This does not affect your bet. It will only serve as the basis of your roll.

There are two rolls where you can place your bet. The Roll Hi or Roll Lo. If your chosen number is higher than the count of the rolled dice then the Roll Hi bet wins. Roll Lo wins if it is the other way around.

Playing with bitcoins

The use of bitcoins continuously opens the gate for Bitcoin casinos in the market. Players use bitcoins for its secure process. It is also hassle-free since conversions and different currencies do not matter.

Roll the dice anywhere anytime and try out the Bitcoin dice on Android!