Bitcoin Dice Software

A lot of new players have been talking about Bitcoin dice. The game is simple to understand and play. It also has a complex mechanic which gives players the opportunity to adjust their chance of winning for every dice roll.

There are many places for anyone to play dice with. If you look carefully, you can find a good number of Bitcoin dice software which you can enjoy.

Pocket Dice

Pocket Dice uses great Bitcoin dice software for any people new to the game. The layout of the game makes it easier for anyone to know the options of the game. A short tutorial at the bottom left of the screen can walk you through on how to play the game. It contains pictures for each of the step to make it easier to understand the Bitcoin dice software.

Through this Bitcoin dice software, you can pick the number and type of bet (over or under) for each roll at the top right. The payout rate of your bet is shown at the right of the number. Once you’re happy with your bet, you just click on the ‘Roll’ button at the bottom. There is also an ‘Auto Play’ function at the bottom which lets pick your bet, set the number of rolls and adjust your betting amount when you either win or lose.


The Bitcoin dice software used by FortuneJack is a bit straightforward when you play their dice game. The layout of their dice game is simplified. The top center is where you adjust your bets and roll the dice. With this Bitcoin dice software, you have more freedom to adjust the winning chance of your bet as well as the payout. This is a great option for any long time players as they can simply choose if they want a riskier or safer bet for each roll.

The left side of the screen is the ‘auto roll’ menu while the right displays different important info. This includes the provably fair hash for each of the roll. At the bottom is where you can find a chat feature where you can talk to other players on FortuneJack’s Bitcoin dice software.

Satoshi Dice

The Satoshi Dice software has the same type of layout as the FortuneJack software. In this Bitcoin dice software, the game is more user-friendly than the previous one.  In Satoshi Dice, you can manually set your bet amount by clicking on the box as well as the winning chance and payout rate. Another way to adjust them is with the sliders located at the bottom of the numbers. You can just move them to create a risky high payout bet or a safe low payout one.

These three are just some of the few games that run on user-friendly Bitcoin dice software that lets you play the trending dice game.