Bitcoin Video Dice

Bitcoin dice is becoming more and more popular among online casino guests. Many appreciate its straightforward gameplay and the high possibility of getting a good payout for each roll of the dice. Most Bitcoin dice game also has a provably fair system. This ensures all rolls in the game when you play dice are authentic.

There are some who have only heard about it and are interested in knowing how to play it. Many new players might be wondering what the different options in a typical game are for as well. Fortunately, Bitcoin video dice is easy to understand.

Basic rules of video dice

In a game of dice, players pick a specific number or range. Once the number and range are chosen, they will bet whether the dice roll is going to show a higher or lesser number. This is practically the whole rule of Bitcoin video dice.

The payout depends on the number a player has chosen and what kind of bet they will make. A bet that has a very low chance of winning has a very high payout. On other hand, bets with high odds of winning will give a low payout. For example, a player who chooses 4 and decide to bet ‘low’ or ‘under’ can get a large payout. Though there is a very low chance of a number below 4 to appear for every roll. On the other hand, if they decide to bet ‘high’ or ‘over’ they could easily win their bet with a low payout.

Different options of video dice

There is a large selection of Bitcoin video dice game online with different graphical screens. Almost all of them, though, share the same options. The most basic option available is the chosen number as well as the ‘low’ and ‘high’ bets. There are certain Bitcoin dice video game which allows players to directly adjust the payout and winning odds. This automatically picks the number and betting type for them.

The other available option is the auto play or auto roll. This option may vary for each Bitcoin video dice game.  Almost all of the game which has this option allows players to set the number of rolls done automatically. Some provide advanced settings such as automatically increasing or decreasing a bet should there be any changes in their Bitcoin wallet.

Almost any online casino players are sure to get the most out of bitcoin dice once they know how the game works.