CLAM is a crypto currency that had an interesting start in 2014. You will find many similarities between this coin and its predecessor, including Bitcoin. Do not be surprised if you can use this digital currency when you play dice because many online casinos and dice sites accept it as a payment. If you want to learn more about CLAM dice, then you have come to the right place.

Similarities with all other crypto currencies

Just like all other crypto coins out there, CLAM does not operate under a central authority; you can make anonymous transactions, which you can find in a public ledger known as blockchain. It values anonymity and transparency as with all other digital currencies.

CLAM is the first proof-of-chain crypto currency

It claims to be the first decentralized currency that operates under the proof-of-chain system. Worldwide distribution of this currency happened on May 12, 2014 among users of the three most popular digital currencies in the market: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. If you happen to have one of those coins, chances are you got CLAM coins in your wallet.

CLAM also uses proof-of-stake

CLAM also uses proof-of-stake to produce additional units in the market. You do not have to expect solving difficult problems in order to generate a block; all you need is for your coins to age. The system randomly selects a user who then gets a reward of one unit.  You can create a block in this digital currency within one minute, ensuring you of fast transactions.

You can get CLAM coins in several ways

Other than mining, you can also get coins of this currency in different currency exchanges to play CLAM dice. Since it has been in the market for three years now, you can expect many exchanges to trade in coins from this crypto currency. You need a wallet that serves as your coin storage and same with exchanges, you can find a number of wallets that you can use for this digital currency.

Use CLAM coins when playing Dice

As mentioned previously, you can use this digital currency in online casinos like Just-Dice. You can use it particularly when you play Bitcoin dice, thanks to a few Bitcoin dice sites that accept it as a payment. Other than online casino, you can also use your coins in online shopping and other online services. There are a number of merchants where you can use your coins, and you can expect this number to grow in the next few years.

CLAM is a promising digital currency that you can use easily since it only takes a minute to create a block here. It offers convenience and is very transparent to its users. You can use it when you play free Bitcoin dice game so you can increase the amount of coins that you have in your wallet. You can expect more from this coin as it continues to develop.