Ethereum is a global network that continues to grow. Since it started in 2014, many people have shown their interest in what it can offer to them. If you are not familiar with this company, this is the perfect site to know more about it. You will be able to see how you can use the crypto currency of this network to play dice.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a service platform for those who want to build decentralized companies. You can find similarities between this and Bitcoin. For one, both are decentralized entities, meaning a central authority does not control their operations. Another one is that you can find all the transactions of both in a public ledger known as blockchain.

Differences between Ethereum and Bitcoin

There are more differences between the two than similarities. As mentioned earlier, Ethereum functions as a platform for those that build decentralized companies. Bitcoin, on the other hand, functions as a currency that you can use for transactions. It also has its own digital currency known as Ether, which fuels the company.

Smart contracts defined

Smart contracts are important in this company, as it provides users with codes that will enable them to generate coins in the blockchain. What a smart contract does is it provides users with the terms and conditions that they need to comply with. Once you were able to do the specified rules, it automatically verifies your work so that it will execute the terms in your contract.

This kind of system assures you of safe transactions since it runs the way it is programmed in the contract. You can also be sure that your transactions are free from fraud and third party interference. Censorship is important here, making sure that you will have a great time trading.

Where to use your Ether

To play Etheruem dice on sites like,, BitDice, and Bitsler, you need to have an Ethereum wallet, which acts as your electronic wallet where you can store your Ether coins. Once you have this wallet, you can use it for purposes other than gaming such as trading. You will find many businesses that accept Ether as a mode of payment. Since this network provides services to many online businesses, you can expect those businesses to trade in Ether with you.

One of the many ways by which you can generate Ether coins is by playing Ethereum dice. There are Bitcoin dice sites out there that accept Ether just like FortuneJack, DuckDice, and You can play free Bitcoin Dice using Ether to increase your coins since Dice in particular has a lower house edge.Moreover, there are sites that accept only this kind of digital currency such as and Yes, these sites do not offer Bitcoin dice.

There are many opportunities for Ethereum to grow in the market today. Given all of its amazing functions and features, you can expect more users of Ether in the future. Be sure to learn more about this digital currency to see how it can help you.