Bitcoin Dice Free Play

Learning how to play Bitcoin dice is easy. It can be challenging to profit, but it is possible.  Profits can happen when players have a solid dice strategy. They can test these dice strategies by using Bitcoin dice free play games. There are many Bitcoin dice casinos that offer play dice free games.

People unfamiliar with Bitcoin can get a taste of it with Bitcoin faucets. There are Bitcoin dice free play casinos that have these faucets. One of them is Primedice. It even has a Bitcoin faucet.

What is a Bitcoin faucet?

A Bitcoin faucet offers people free bitcoins. The faucet was made by Gavin Andresen in 2010. His use for the faucet was to spread interest about Bitcoin. Today, players can receive a few satoshi from many Bitcoin faucets.

Before getting the satoshi, people solve a simple task or complete a captcha. It is a security feature that keeps out bot programs. Bitcoin faucet rewards can vary. There are some that will give 1,000 satoshi, and others that can give 10,000 satoshi. Bitcoin faucets dispense rewards every few hours or once a day.

New players can then take their satoshi to Bitcoin dice free play casinos and try it out.

Bitcoin dice strategies

Bitcoin dice free play casinos offer the perfect opportunity to test different dice strategies. It is different from regular dice games. Bitcoin dice is a game where players can check if the casino results are random. This technology is called provably fair.

Bitcoin dice players have different strategies to stretch their bankroll. There are two common strategies. They are the Martingale and Paroli strategies. These are betting progressions.

Martingale method

Using the Martingale method can put a dent in bankrolls. It is a simple concept. Each time players lose, they should double their bet. When players win, the bet returns to the original number. The problem with this strategy is uncertainty. No one knows how long a losing or winning streak will last. Bitcoin dice free play casinos profit the most with this method.

Players who are on a losing streak keep doubling their bets. If it is a bad losing streak, players might get bankrupt before they start winning.

Testing this strategy is useful in Bitcoin dice free play casinos.

Paroli Method

In comparison, the Paroli method is safer to play. When players win a bet, they double their betting for the next game. The method is reset when players experience three wins in a row.

This method makes the most out of winning streaks. At the same time, it puts losses at a minimum.