Monero is one of the fastest-growing crypto currencies today. It started in 2014 and has since been a reliable digital coin that many people use for their online transactions. You can also use it for other things, in particular, to play dice. If you want to know more about this digital currency, then you have clicked the right page. You will find out what makes it a cut above all other digital currencies.

What makes Monero a crypto currency?

Monero, just like other crypto currencies, functions as a decentralized entity. Since it is independent from a central authority, you do not need a bank account or pay banking fees for your transactions. All your transactions are in a public ledger known as blockchain. With all the expected features in a crypto currency found here, you can expect transactions that are both private and transparent in nature.

CryptoNote makes Monero transactions more private

Monero uses CryptoNote as its protocol and it has been very helpful in providing private transactions. With this protocol, you will not be able to trace back some info in other transactions, such as the sender and his/her location and the exact transaction amount. What you can find in a blockchain is the approximate amount, which is always lower than the exact one. The only people that can access the whole data are the sender, receiver, and the person who has one of the two keys.

How to get Monero coins

Since Monero uses a Proof-of-Work scheme, you can expect that mining coins is similar to mining other currencies. Other than mining, you can get coins from exchanges, which you can find anywhere since it is now a popular digital currency. But, of course, you need a Monero wallet where you can store your coins. With a wallet, you can enjoy making transactions using this coin.

Increase your coins by playing Bitcoin Dice

You can use this currency in a number of ways, but you can increase it easily when you play dice which follows relatively the same mechanics as some of the best Bitcoin dice games. There are a number of sites where you can play free Bitcoin dice game and Monero dice such FortuneJack,,, and SafeDice. Apart from enjoying this game, you also take a chance at increasing the amount of your coins. Meanwhile, you can also use your coins to shop online or avail of online services.

As of April of 2017, Monero was the sixth most traded digital currency in the market and you can expect more users to get more of this unit of money since it is available almost everywhere. The next time you want to play Bitcoin dice game, try using this digital currency to see how convenient and fast your transactions can be.