CoinyediceCoinyedice is one of the newest additions to the increasing domain of digital currency dice sites. It offers a simple yet responsive gaming platform that is loaded with remarkable features like no other. It might be true that is still a newbie in the industry; however, the advantageous offers they have in store invited cryptocurrency players to come and play in their site.

No Account Required to Get Started

The moment you enter Coinyedice, your account is already created. You don’t have to sign up and wait for some seconds to get the process done. You just have to click the ‘Account’ button to see your username and ‘unique url’. You can copy and save the url in a secure place or to ensure maximum protection in your account, you can set a password.

Simple yet Action-Packed Dice Game

Just like other dice sites, you are allowed to set the win chance, multiplier, or amount of profit at Coinyedice. After this, you just have to choose whether to ‘roll under’ or ‘roll over’. If the lucky number is within the range of your chosen option, you win. The rules and steps on how to play dice are simple, but the fun and excitement of anticipating the result of the roll is retained.

Bet Promptly with the Automatic Betting Bot

Yes, an automatic betting bot is offered to give you an instant and fast way to play and win. This feature allows you to place several wagers even up to 100 times in just one click. You just have to set the aforesaid categories in the gaming platform based on your preference. Once everything is ready, click the ‘roll’ button to start this automatic betting highlight.

Make the most of Free Coinye Coins

You can be assured that your balance will never be left down and out at Coinyedice even if you only have a nominal understanding of Bitcoin Dice systems. If your bankroll hits 0, you can simply click the gift icon on the right portion of the site. Enter the captcha code given and you will be rewarded 10 Coinye to keep you longer in the action. Just take note that you can only claim these free Coinye coins if the amount in your account is 0.

Results are 100% Fair

To ensure that there are no underhanded practices in the result of your rolls, you can always do the math by using the secret hashes they show. Coinyedice offers Provably Fair gaming so you can keep calm that the winning results you receive are fair and authentic.

Is Coinyedice a scam?

This gaming platform is one of the newest kids on the block. Hence, it is normal if you are hesitant to take a step forward with this site because you are not sure of its reputation. However, unlike other new Bitcoin Dice portals, it hasn’t received any complaints of being a scam. Conversely, you will see positive comments about this site at BitcoinTalk in addition to the affirmative reviews it received from satisfied players.