CrowdDiceRecently, a new Bitcoin betting site has created a fuss among enthusiasts of Bitcoin dice. With the tagline “created by crowd, played by crowd”, CrowdDice quickly gains popularity. It is an advanced online platform offering an exciting and cutting-edge dice gaming experience for players and there are numerous reasons it is worth checking over.

Create a Dice Game and Receive 0.9% Bonus

At CrowdDice, players can also become a game creator and enjoy numerous advantages. Since they also participate in the game, they can have the chance to double their bets. In addition, they are given 0.9% of the pot as their bonus for creating the dice fame. Being a player and an investor at the same time is definitely an incredible avenue in maximizing profits.

Fairness is 100% Guaranteed

Bitcoin dice games in this gaming platform are Provably Fair. All of the seeds and hashes used in the game to generate results are publicly shown, allowing the players to verify the legitimacy of their wagers and of course, integrity of the winning numbers. What’s even better is that it provides a ‘Dice Verifier’, which makes the verification process simpler and faster.

Play Bitcoin Dice Against other Players

What makes CrowdDice different from other Bitcoin dice sites is the fact that there’s no such thing as the ‘House’ on their domain. Creators and players play against each other. The site does not make money because its players lose since winning and losing are both strictly between the game creator and players. Instead, it takes a small percentage of 1% of the pot as a service fee.

Enjoy a Simple yet Thrilling Game

CrowdDice offers an easy yet fun dice game. The dice is a random number between 1 and 6. Creators make a game wherein they are the ones to specify the payout ratio and profit a player can win. On the other hand, players guess the dice number to be rolled by betting on Lo (less than four) and Hi (greater than 3). More than that, players can opt to play in the instant or two-step mode. In the former, the winning number can instantly be generated while in the latter, the player will send their seed to play a game and the creator must finish the game with their seed. If the creator does not finish the game within a certain period of time, the Bitcoin dice system declares the player as the winner.

Trouble-Free and Prompt Transactions

Of course, deposits and withdrawals are made near-instant at CrowdDice. Funds are automatically credited to the player’s account with two network confirmations while payouts are sent instantly. Also, it uses an advanced encryption method to protect all their user’s funds. And since, registration is not required; clients are encouraged to set a password for maximum safety of their account.

CrowdDice gives a refreshing way to play and win bitcoins with a unique Bitcoin dice game. Given all the aforesaid offers, players will definitely have an enjoyable and profitable gaming action on this site.