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Dice on CrackIf you want to experience an in-a-flash Bitcoin Dice gaming experience, there’s no other site to go but Dice on Crack. It is one of the first bitcoin dice sites that still cater to its players from all over the globe up until now. However, what makes this bitcoin gaming platform special is not the length of time it has been in the industry. It is undoubtedly the fact that you can make an infinite amount of Provably Fair throws in a single deposit.

Roll the Dice Anonymously

No account is needed to get started at Dice on Crack. After you entered the site, you can immediately learn how to play the game by following some simple steps they have provided. If you think that you are ready to give their bitcoin dice a roll, you can certainly proceed to the next step, which is to make a deposit.

Prompt Deposit and Withdrawal

You can easily make a deposit by sending sums of BTCs to the wallet address given. It will be credited instantly so would not have to wait for long. On the other hand, withdrawals are made almost instant. After your request has been approved, you will get your earnings on the address you have sent your deposits from.

Numerous Strategies to Choose From

What’s good about Dice on Crack’s dice game is the fact that it offers different strategies, all of which are customizable. You are allowed to pick the level you prefer to define a win as well as an ‘exit point’ wherein you can choose the level in which wagering will stop and the balance will be returned. Moreover, array of strategies (money betting systems) are available for you to choose from such as Simple, Martingale, Busto, Exit, and Reverse Martingale.

Make Tens of Thousands of Throws with one Deposit

There’s no better way to play dice than make tens of thousands of rolls in a single deposit. To make this possible, you have to fund your account with at least 0.001 BTC, which allows you to bet up to 15,000 times. Just take note that balance lower that the said amount will be wagered in entirety.

Provable Fairness

At Dice on Crack, you just have to run the numbers yourself to prove that they are not cheating. The secrets used are disclosed after two days and they can be verified to see if the winning numbers are valid and fair. The verification process is technical; however, full explanation on how to get this done is available in the site.

Dice on Crack is an advanced bitcoin dice site that allows you to maximize your profits in just a snap. In addition, aside from Bitcoin, Litecoin and Terracoin are also accepted so you can definitely use your altcoins to gamble in this platform.