EveryDiceIt is undeniable that the demand to play dice is soaring up north. This is why Bitcoin Dice sites have been a ubiquitous presence in every corner of the cyber world. One of the newest additions is EveryDice. It allows everyone to roll the dice with a house edge of only 0.99% in addition to other profitable routes to earn even more.

Provably Fair Dice Game

This Bitcoin Dice site uses a Provably Fair System. You can definitely verify every single roll’s fairness and validity.  With this, you can be assured that the results of your games are in no way manipulated. The verification process is technical; however, step by step process is provided in their site to give you a hand to get the verification done and prove that the winning numbers are authentic.

Simple and Manageable Gaming Platform

What makes EveryDice ideal to all kinds of Bitcoin Dice players is its gaming platform. The interface is smooth and very responsive. In addition, all the control buttons are straightforward so you will never have a hard time adjusting the Win Chance, Bet Amount, and even Payout based on your preference. Given all of these features, you are guaranteed of a full gaming experience even you are new in this site or to the game itself even if you have minimal understanding of Bitcoin Dice systems.

Mobile Friendly with HTML5

Wherever you go, you can definitely bring EveryDice with you. Given that this Bitcoin betting site is built in HTML5 technology, you can play and win in this gaming platform using your mobile device or android gadget.

Fast and Easy Payment Transactions

Unlike other Bitcoin Dice sites, making an account is a requirement in this gaming platform. However, the process only takes less than a minute so you have nothing to worry about. After this, you can directly make a deposit and after one network confirmation, it is credited to your balance automatically. On the other hand, withdrawals are sent immediately after it has been approved so you can expect to enjoy your payouts sooner than later.

Profit more by Referring Players or Investing

EveryDice gives you the chance to receive lifetime revenue by simply referring active players to their site. You will receive 0.1% from the total wagered amount of the players you refer in addition to the fact that you can convert your commission and cash out it anytime you want. Of course, you can also opt to invest in the house and what’s even better is that they collect 0% fee.

Is EveryDice a Scam?

It is no secret that this Bitcoin betting is a newcomer in this industry; therefore, it has no reputation or standing to boast of.  However, it has already gathered affirmative comments and reviews from Bitcoin gamers who have tried their hand at this gaming platform. More than that, it hasn’t been involved in any scam issues or received even some minor complaints so you can keep calm while rolling their Bitcoin Dice.

If you want to know more information about this site, you can send them an email at everydice@gmail.com.