GGDiceA place where you can play provably fair dice game with cryptocurrency - this is how simple GGDice is defined. In a quick glance, most of its offers are similar to most bitcoin dice sites online. However, if you take a step forward and give it a try, you will see a good Bitcoin Dice platform that boasts of several too-good-to-miss features.

Free Play and Bitcoin Faucet

It is rare for a bitcoin dice site to offer a ‘Free Play’ mode for the players. This is another advantage of GGDice; you can play dice free. The moment you entered their portal, you will immediately receive 1000 Fake Coins (FC), which you can use to get a first-hand experience of everything they have in store. It also a good opportunity to get you familiarize with the game and gaming platform for free. On the other hand, it also provides a bitcoin faucet that gives up to 0.00008888 BTC. You can get some of these free bitcoins by simply entering the captcha code shown correctly.

Play in Several ‘Rooms’

GGDice’s system is composed of several rooms. Knowledge about Bitcoin Dice systems can be very advantageous to learn before you play. Each room uses a single coin and has its own setting like the room edge and bet risk for the investor. Currently, there are three rooms offered in the site and all are owned by the house. First is the ‘Default Room’ wherein new users can start playing by using their free ‘1000’ Fake Coins with 1% edge. The second room is called ‘Litecoin Room’ and as what the name suggests it supports Litecoin as the mode of payment and it gives a maximum profit of up to 1 LTC. Last but not the least is the ‘Bitcoin Room’. Just like the latter, it offers 0.8% edge while the latest maximum profit is 0.03 BTC.

Fast and Easy ‘Rolling’ Experience

You don’t have to create an account to get started in the site because an account has already been created for you. All you need is to give a username to start using the site. On the other hand, the dice game they offer is very simple yet exciting. It’s a simple ‘Hi-Lo’ game so you just have to make the lucky prediction to win.

Receive Payouts Promptly

Withdrawals at GGDice is near-instant. All you have to do is send them a request and once it is approved, your withdrawal will be instantly processed. You will surely receive your earnings in just a short period of time – no need for you to wait for days. Just take note that withdrawal in this bitcoin dice site starts at 0.00016 BTC.

Is GGDice a Scam?

Since it is launched, that’s for almost half a year; this bitcoin dice site hasn’t received any complaints about lost coins or even unpaid winnings. You can see this by going over through the internet. You will never find any scam accusation about the site and instead, you will see positive comments and reviews from its satisfied players.

You can send them your questions, concerns, and suggestions at