LuckyHashWith 99% payout percentage, LuckyHash is a new Bitcoin Dice site you can’t say no to. It brings a simple yet action-packed game of dice together with boons and special offers you must not dare miss. This site might be a newbie in the Bitcoin betting industry, but you are guaranteed of a good and lucrative dice games if you take a step forward and make the most of the following features:

No Registration Required

If instant betting is your thing, LuckyHash is the place for you. Registration forms are nowhere to be found in this site since your account is already waiting for you the moment you enter their domain. The user id is given and to increase the security of your account, you can set up a password.

Instant Deposit and Withdrawal

To start rolling the dice, you have to fund your account by sending Bitcoins to the address given. It will be credited to your account immediately since they accept unconfirmed deposits. On the other hand, withdrawals are paid near-instant. You just have to keep in mind that before you can cash out; your deposits must be confirmed.

Minimum Bet is only 1 satoshi

Since LuckyHash is new, you might be hesitant to give them a try. Good thing you don’t have to let a good opportunity go because of your fear of getting scammed. Since they accept 1 satoshi as a minimum bet, you can definitely experience the features and services they offer by putting small amount at stake. This is actually a good feature to test the site first before fully deciding to have a ‘go’.

Provable Fairness Guaranteed

Winning numbers at LuckyHash are generated algorithmically based on your given deposit transaction id. You can verify the fairness and legitimacy of your bet even with limited knowledge on Bitcoin Dice systems using the day’s secret hash that will be shown publicly and your last deposit’s TXID. This is to ensure that they cannot manipulate the result of your games because the system is guaranteed by strong cryptography.

House Edge of only 1%

Every time you win, 99% of your earnings go straightaway to your bankroll, only 1% is collected as house edge. It is the lowest reliable house edge in gambling platforms online; hence, you can expect to win big if you get consecutive wins in just a short period of time.

Is LuckyHash a Scam?

So far, there have been no reported complaints or fraud issues against LuckyHash. Instead, if you go over the internet, you will find positive reviews and comments about the site so definitely you will be encouraged to try your hands at the bitcoin dice game they have in store. After all, you will never go wrong with this gaming platform just considering all the perks and highlights it offers.