PhambitBitcoin bettors who are fond of betting the popular digital currency on dice games will absolutely have a blast playing in Phambit. This exceptional Bitcoin gambling site features dice as one of the games in its inventory, and it has made sure that its dice game will stand out in the world of online gambling that is already filled with numerous Bitcoin dice games. Through the top-quality gaming features on top of the excellent services and perks, this betting site is guaranteed to succeed with its remarkable Bitcoin dice.

Here are more reasons playing Bitcoin dice in Phambit is worth it:

Exciting and Easy Bitcoin Dice Game

Aside from Bitcoin lottery and wheel of fortune, Phambit features its very own dice game that uses the familiar concept of Roll Hi/Roll Lo to the point that it is aptly named Hi-Lo Dice. Thus, bettors, especially novice players, are assured of having an easier time in grasping the mechanics. After all, what is basically needed to do is to place a bet, select the payout multiplier, predict whether the rolled number will be higher or lower than the certain value, and, finally, roll the dice.  Bettors must always remember, though, that they are in control of how much risks they wish to take. Therefore, by setting a high multiplier, expect the odds of winning to be slim. This Bitcoin dice system is easy to learn.

Premium Betting Interface

What is absolutely commendable about this Bitcoin dice game is that it boasts of a visually attractive gaming interface that enables players to appreciate the game even more. Also, the use of lively colors strengthens the game’s appeal even more while the clean look without the unnecessary clutter allows players to focus more on the actual game. It is certain that this betting interface will be highly favored by numerous Bitcoin bettors, especially those who also pay attention to design and layout.

Reliable and Provably Fair Dice Game

Phambit has done a great job in providing a provably fair dice game. After all, bettors, nowadays, prefer such Bitcoin games over those that cannot provide verifiable fairness. Through this feature, players can trust that the game does not, in any way, manipulate the results to cheat the players and turn the odds in favor of the betting site.

Convenience in Depositing and Withdrawing Funds

Depositing bitcoins involve the usual steps of scanning the QR code or sending bitcoins to the site’s receiving wallet address. However, a transaction fee of 0.001 BTC will be required when withdrawing funds. Aside from this, the deposits must reach at least six confirmations before the request is processed, which may take up to 12 hours. Nevertheless, the payouts are guaranteed to be delivered straight to the registered Bitcoin wallet.