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Sato DiceFor a simple but highly rewarding Bitcoin betting experience, dice enthusiasts should definitely give playing in Sato Dice a shot. After all, this Bitcoin dice site is equipped with an arsenal of exceptional features as well as gaming services that are guaranteed to keep players wagering several more times. With its absolutely attractive dice game, this gaming site will surely take the limelight in the world of Bitcoin online gambling.

User-Friendly Betting Interface

Upon heading over to the site, players will notice right away the seemingly plain interface that desperately needs a design makeover. However, a thorough look at the gaming platform reveals a professional and easy-to-use interface that provides seamless operation all throughout. In fact, the game controls are neatly and strategically positioned to provide convenience. Likewise, the dice rules are simple and easy to grasp, which are qualities vital for every game to win the hearts of Bitcoin bettors worldwide.

Easy Method to Win High Payouts

Sato Dice employs the basic concept of the Roll Hi/Roll Lo game; that is why players have no excuse in learning how to play dice in a snap. After all, they simply have to indicate their preferred chance value, which will also determine if the rolled dice is higher or lower. Dice enthusiasts, however, should be aware of the fact that that higher their preferred winning percentage or chance is, the lower the payout multiplier will be for that round, whereas a low chance results in bigger payouts.

Verifiable Fairness for Each Dice Roll

This Bitcoin dice game ensures that its players are in the safe hands, which explains its provably fair nature. This does not only guarantee that the game is free of any form of deception and cheat, but it also gives bettors the freedom and the power to oversee the site’s gambling operations.

Lucrative Promotions to Yield More Bitcoins

Besides the payouts awarded by Sato Dice, this Bitcoin gaming site also offers alternative options to boost the players’ bankroll every week. Through the competition held weekly, three bettors will have the chance to score rewards with 0.5 BTC as the highest.  All they need to do is to ensure that they keep playing multiple bets to boost their balance. Another set of bonus is up for grabs of which the lucky player will be picked in a random manner from the last 100 bets under the All Bets category. Moreover, one winner every week will win the progressive jackpot by simply wagering more. This Bitcoin dice system is so easy to master and win over.

Double Bankroll through Investment                                                            

This Bitcoin dice site also functions as a venue for investment growth as it allows bettors to allot certain percentage to increase the maximum bet offered. Through the investment, players are assured of profiting from every win and loss collected all throughout.

Indeed, Sato Dice is a great gambling site for fans of the exciting dice game. Therefore, those who are eager to get their hands on massive profit gains should head over to this Bitcoin dice site right away.