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Smash the StackWith added twist and excitement to the bitcoin dice we all know, Smash the Stack will give you an innovative way to push your luck. It offers a simple counter based game that is played with Bitcoin. In addition, it boasts of numerous features that can only be relished in their gaming platform.

Start Playing at Smash the Stack

Signing up is a must for you to get started at this dice site. However, you have nothing to worry about because this step can be accomplished in less than a minute. All you need to provide is a username and your payout address. Once your account is done, you can immediately send Bitcoins to the address given to make a deposit. You can also do this by scanning the QR code generated. Your deposit will be credited to your account after one network confirmation.

How to play Smash the Stack’s counter based game

Playing this game is easy, and you don’t even have to memorize all the Bitcoin Dice systems to get started. Your main goal in this game is simply to push the counter to 1337. For you to do this, you must wager particular amount which has equivalent number of rolls. One roll increases the counter by +1. You have variety of betting size options to choose from. Each roll amounts 0.01 BTC and the maximum bet per transaction is 1 BTC or 100 rolls. The player who owns the #1337 lucky bet will bring home big earnings.

Simple yet Lively Gaming Platform

Your eyes will never get bored at Smash the Stack. The gaming platform offers a relaxing atmosphere yet you will still feel the adrenalin-packed anticipation while waiting for your bet to hit #1337.  The interface is responsive and simple to use and of course, the buttons are very manageable. You can easily place a bet and get chances to win in no time; even it’s your first time in this site.

Bag a Whopping 10 BTC

Yes, the lucky #1337 player will get 10 BTC straightaway to his/her personal address. It is one of the highest payouts you can receive from a bitcoin dice site. What’s even better is the fact that withdrawals are instantly processed so expect to receive your winnings in just few minutes.

Is Smash the Stack a Scam?

No. This bitcoin dice site might still be new in this industry, but it hasn’t received any concerns or issues about being a scam. You can go over the internet and instead, you will see some positive comments about the site, which clearly proves that it is not another rogue business.

If you want a boost in playing Bitcoin Dice, Smash the Stack is definitely worth checking over. With all the features it offers, you can be assured of a good lift to reach a sky-high profits and actions that were once beyond your reach.