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Suzuki DiceWhen it comes to playing dice game with Bitcoins, Suzuki Dice is one of the premium options. At first look, you will find this Bitcoin Dice site ordinary, but if you delve deeper to its features and offers you will be amazed at the array of advantages you can make the most of this simple gaming platform.

Sky-high Payout Rate

As what Suzuki Dice stated, they are in many ways similar to SatoshiDice. However, a certain factor separates them from the rest of their competitors and it is their return rate. The payout they offer is greater than any other bitcoin dice site. If you win a game in their portal, you will surely enjoy a whopping profit of 99.1%.  On the other hand, they also provide one of the lowest house edges of only 0.9%.

No Account Needed

Suzuki Dice offers complete anonymity to their players. Even an instant account is not needed to get started in this site. Aside from it allows you to save time, it also keeps your personal credentials safe. To start playing, all you have to do is to send some BTCs to the wallet address provided. It is ideal to test if your wallet is compatible to avoid hassles in the future. The deposit will be immediately credited to your account without necessary confirmations.

Instantaneous Transactions

Be it deposit or withdrawal; expect an almost instant transaction in this site. As mentioned above, deposits are credited promptly. Just take note that there are some instances that some of the bets are to be confirmed for fairness so it will take a bit longer for it to be credited compared to the usual wagers. On the other side, withdrawals are processed quickly after your request has been received and approved.

Provably Trustworthy

‘We are Fair’ – this is what Suzuki Dice affirmed. They release their secret hashes in order for the users to certify whether or not their system has transacted their bets justly. The verification process is technical but you will never be left out because all the information you need is given in their ‘Verification’ page.

Familiar Playing Platform

Even though you are new in this bitcoin dice site, you will easily gain confidence in playing because their gaming platform is simple and easy to get acquainted with.  Even with minimal information on Bitcoin Dice systems, you will navigate around Suzuki Dice’s platform with ease. The interface is user-friendly and the control buttons’ functions are easy fast to understand that’s why you can place a bet, customize your game, and win in no time.

Is Suzuki Dice a Scam?

It is hard to find an answer to this question because this site has never received any complaints or accusations of being a scam. In fact, what you can find online about this platform are positive reviews and statements from their satisfied players. So definitely, this brand is clear of being a fraud or a scam.

Indeed, this bitcoin dice site is worth your time and effort so check it out. Aside from the features given, there are more for you to discover.