ZokDiceZokDice is a betting site that accepts bitcoins from players worldwide who want to yield payouts from playing the dice game it offers. What is great about this new venue for dice gambling is that it presents an array of features and services that are proven to be beneficial, attractive, and absolutely of top-quality. This is the reason casino players, especially dice enthusiasts, will surely have a remarkable time wagering on this game. To have a glimpse of what this Bitcoin online gambling site can offer, check out the following points:

Straightforward Dice Betting Interface

There is nothing more preferable than a dice game that features a simple yet professional betting interface. Without overdoing the design or lacking on the convenience of betting, the interface employed by ZokDice is a sure winner when compared to that of the other Bitcoin dice sites. With attractive overall design and intelligent layout of the key elements of the interface, players can definitely expect to have an easier time setting the parameters and rolling the dice at any time they want.

Easy Dice Game Mechanics

Experienced and novice players are guaranteed to face no trouble in learning how to play dice because the mechanics of this game are simple enough to understand in a snap. By simply knowing how to indicate the desired multiplier or the win chance and by predicting whether the rolled outcome will be higher or lower than the target value, bettors can instantly roll the dice and earn numerous chances of winning payouts. After all, it banks on the popular concept of Roll Hi/Roll Lo, which was initially used by several dice sites that accept bitcoins.

Provably Fair Game with Low House Edge

One more reason players should bet in ZokDice is its provably fair dice game. With this feature added, bettors will feel safer that the results of each roll are accurate, reliable, and verifiable. In this way, it is positive that this betting site does not manipulate the game outcomes to favor the house. What is even better is that the house edge is among the lowest in the industry at 0.9%. This only means that players will receive bigger payouts when they have made the correct predictions.

Convenient Fund Transfer Processes

This dice betting site ensures that its deposit and withdrawal methods will not affect negatively the gaming experience of every player. Therefore, it maintains a quick and secure deposit process, which only requires one confirmation before the funds are reflected in the account balance. Meanwhile, the cash out process entails a minimum limit of 0.002 BTC and may only be delayed if the previous deposits are still unconfirmed. Bettors are sure to learn this Bitcoin dice system right away.

Free Bitcoins on Offer

As a form of bonus, ZokDice provides free bitcoins for its players, which can be acquired in just a few clicks. With this kind of promotion, dice bettors will definitely appreciate the gifts, which essentially give them more chances of winning bigger payouts, especially through the automatic betting feature offered in this Bitcoin dice site.