KeepKey is among the popular names on the market today. It is a hardware Bitcoin wallet that comes with several protective layers. It can make its own private key and recovery phrase without the need of a computer. This is how powerful this wallet is, and this is the reason many users have their eyes on it.

If you are an avid bettor in Bitcoin dice sites, then you will find this wallet a good option to store your wins and other bitcoins. KeepKey can also store altcoins like Ether and this really makes it the better choice for those who also enjoy playing Ethereum dice games.

KeepKey security

To make sure your box is safe and free of any type of hackers, KeepKey has an anti-tamper seal. The seal will leave behind a noticeable mark on the box if someone else were to break it open. This ensures that your Bitcoin is safe when you store it in your new hardware wallet.

The wallet can create your private key and recovery phrase on its own. It does not need the input of a computer to make the info you need for your wallet. Because of this feature, the wallet is out of reach for viruses or malware. This makes it more secure than wallets that you put in your computer or smart phone.

KeepKey keeps any criminals from your wallet by using a PIN. You can enter the code on the touch screen of the wallet instead of through your computer or smartphone. This ensures that there are no keylogging programs that can allow hackers to see the PIN that you enter.

When you need to move your bitcoins out of your wallet, the box will require you to push the confirmation button. The button is found on the device itself. This ensures that no one can just grab your Bitcoin from the wallet unless they are actually holding it.

More features of KeepKey

You will find a Bitcoin dice game or two that will let you use altcoins like Dogecoin or Litecoin. The problem with this is how you need to turn your altcoins to Bitcoin if you want to keep them in a safe wallet. It can be a hassle to convert an altcoin since you will need to send it to an exchange site if the website does not let you exchange your coins. KeepKey gives you the convenience of directly sending your Bitcoin dice altcoin winnings straight to your wallet.

Another important feature of the wallet is its recovery phrase. This is a random set of words that the wallet will ask you to write down when you use it for the first time. If you lose or break your hardware wallet, you can use the recovery phrase to bring back your Bitcoin.