Trezor is a hardware Bitcoin wallet that offers a slew of protective features that can shield your money from any internet criminals. These features come in handy even when you enjoy playing a Bitcoin dice game or two. You can even boost your winning opportunities using different altcoins because Trezor supports other crypto currencies like Ether and Litecoin.

Helpful features of Trezor

Many of the best Bitcoin dice sites are embracing the use of other digital money.  If you happen to get a massive payout of altcoins from these sites, you will need to turn it to Bitcoin in order to safely store it in a hardware wallet. This can be a hassle for most people. But Trezor makes it easier for you by giving your Bitcoin dice sites altcoin winnings the same level of protection as your Bitcoin.

Another useful feature of a Trezor wallet is the ability to sign messages. You can use this in a situation wherein you might lose your two-factor device or email for a certain exchange site. A person from the exchange could unlock your account by giving them a signed message with the Bitcoin address that you use in the exchange.

Protective features

The first protective layer of a Trezor is its PIN. This helps to block any criminals to get your Bitcoin if they somehow have your hardware wallet. The PIN is also entered outside of the computer to prevent any malware or virus to expose it to the public.

Trezor takes away as much of its openings against surface threats as possible. It does this by not adding any other possible inputs or ways for others to connect to the wallet. This includes wireless connectors, camera, or even a fingerprint scanner. The wallet also does not have a battery to ensure it is not running while it is not in use or a computer is not currently powering it.

Another protective feature is the buttons and the screen on the wallet. There are some malware that can actually change the Bitcoin address that you enter on your computer. The wallet prevents this by showing you the actual address on the device itself. There are no malware or viruses that can get into the wallet to change the address.

The button is another important layer of protection. To release any Bitcoin from the wallet, you need to press the button on the wallet to verify it. It is not possible for any criminals to do this unless they have the device on hand.