Online games such as Bitcoin slots and Bitcoin dice have been a source of entertainment to casino players. These games can be found in any Bitcoin dice sites where you can even play a free Bitcoin dice game. But before you can do all of that, you need to have a mobile Bitcoin wallet first. For a player like you, Breadwallet is a must-try. This wallet is tested and is proven trustworthy by its users. It will keep your coins safe and let you enjoy your games.

Definition and services of Breadwallet

Recommended for beginners and pros, Breadwallet is the first decentralized Bitcoin wallet for iOS. The wallet’s useful features made it stand out among other wallets. This wallet is popular because it is available in 19 languages. It also only takes one simple button to make all transactions and payment. The wallet is an open source and this means that all transactions are free. In case your wallet gets hacked or lost, this wallet has a personal recovery phrase backup system. This helps you recover your lost account through the special phrases given to you by the wallet.

Disadvantages of using Breadwallet

Even if this wallet is popular and loved by its users, there are still some points that leave users unhappy. Users are beginning to be concerned because it takes too long for the wallet to sync. Some users said it usually takes 40 minutes to an hour. There are also complaints about its long or unpredictable confirmations.  But despite these problems, this mobile wallet continued to improve itself and provide the best services for its users.

Breadwallet updates

After these problems surfaced, the developers immediately took note and made sure that the next update of this wallet will be a better version. True enough, this wallet started to surprise businessmen and Bitcoin users.

As of this writing, the company behind the wallet had just announced that they will be relocating to Switzerland. According to the CEO of Breadwallet, they are preparing for the wallet’s expansion and Switzerland is an ideal place. This is because the country has a strong reputation in terms of financial privacy and legislation. The company aims to spread Bitcoin and empower different individuals about cryptocurrencies.

The company also hopes to expand the wallet’s operation and create better features. This will help the wallet in broadening its campaign and attract more users. With these plans, it will not be impossible for this wallet to be one of the top mobile Bitcoin wallets out there.