A mobile Bitcoin wallet is popular among many users because of its convenience. This type makes sure that you can access your wallet just like how you would a mobile phone. One of these wallets is Copay. It is an HD wallet that does not limit your wallet on your mobile phone. Now, you can even use this mobile wallet on chosen hardware devices like Ledger wallets.

What is Copay?

Copay is a multi-signature Bitcoin wallet that keeps your bitcoins safe and sound. As a multi-sig wallet, it can let you share your funds with your family and friends. What is good about this wallet is it separates your private transactions from business transactions. This mobile wallet also sends you a notification on your email each time you make a transfer or payment. It is also hierarchical deterministic that provides backup and secured app generation.

Other than that, it is also one of the first Bitcoin wallets that supported the Bitcoin payment protocol and Bitcoin test net support for iOS and Windows. Software developers have been contributing to improve this wallet and will not stop until you get what you deserve.

Copay and Ledger

A great feature about this wallet is it can be used with Ledger wallets as well. If you have a Ledger wallet and you plan to have Copay as your multi-sig wallet, you can easily do it with some simple steps. Remember that your Ledger device can be used in Chrome and other third-party applications. Therefore, you can easily use it with this mobile wallet.

To start, simply download the wallet’s app followed by the Ledger application. Next would be to connect your Ledger device and enter your PIN. You will then choose the Add Wallet or Import Hardware Wallet buttons found on your app. Then, select the Create Wallet button followed by the Shared Wallet button. You can customize your wallet and add the number of users. Lastly, choose Ledger Hardware Wallet in the Wallet Key options and confirm. Now, you can use this mobile wallet in your Ledger device.

This feature helped Copay in attracting more users, most specially Bitcoin dice players. These are the users who go online to find Bitcoin dice sites and enjoy a free Bictoin dice game.  This wallet is beneficial for them because the app lets them check their accounts any time they want. Now, they can connect their hardware device and share it with a mobile app. Both wallets can help them make sure that their wallets will be secured and easy to access.