Software Bitcoin Wallet

You can use a software Bitcoin wallet on your computer or any other device that comes with a browser and is connected to the Internet. But the actual use of these two kinds varies and comes with pros and cons. Regardless, Bitcoin wallets that you can conveniently use are always the better option for you. This is even true when you can easily use them to play your favorite games in the best Bitcoin dice game sites.

Top software Bitcoin wallets

  • Electrum – This wallet indexes the Bitcoin blockchain to make your transactions faster. You can also recover your funds by using a secret phrase with this software Bitcoin wallet.
  • Coinbase – Coinbase is a popular online wallet that serves 32 countries. Your money is covered by the website’s insurance policy should anything happen to it.
  • Bitgo – Bitgo uses a multi-sig tech for its security. It also offers a key recovery and zero-confirmation transaction services.
  • – This is one of the most used wallets across the globe. It is serving 140 countries and handles an average of 160,000 transactions each day.
  • Xapo – Xapo offers a Bitcoin vault that has three different layers of protection. It is also the first wallet to offer a Bitcoin debit card.

Two kinds of software Bitcoin wallet

The first kind of software Bitcoin wallet is one you must install on your computer. It comes with a full installation process and will allow you to send and receive bitcoins right on your computer. In essence, your computer becomes your Bitcoin wallet.

What is great with this wallet is you can be sure that your bitcoins are well-protected. This is possible because you can use a strong antivirus or malware protector software to prevent any kinds of online threats.  On another note, this kind of software Bitcoin wallet downloads the entire blockchain, so expect the program to take up more space on your computer disk.

Meanwhile, the second kinds of software Bitcoin wallet is one you can access using any device so long as you can use a web or mobile browser. This means your wallet is hosted by a third party and is therefore accessible through your login details.

This type offers more convenience because sending and receiving bitcoins are easier. This is also ideal for playing in Bitcoin dice sites. You will also like this wallet because it makes it easier to collect your wins every time you get lucky with the best Bitcoin dice games online.

Whichever software Bitcoin wallet you choose, you can rest assured that you will have an easier time playing Bitcoin dice. Choose the wallet that works best for you and your needs.