BitGo is the software Bitcoin wallet that created many firsts in the Bitcoin wallet history. It started from being the first HD multi-signature wallet, the first multi-user wallet and to the first multi-sig Bitcoin API. Other than those, it is also the first wallet with spending control policy and the first local or hosted hybrid wallet. This wallet has prepared many features for you to enjoy.

BitGo’s impressive features

BitGo made sure that its users will keep using the wallet with its unique and useful upgrades. It has offered the best security features to make sure that your crypto currencies are in safe hands. Apart from that, this wallet wanted to help the society to boost the economy and to empower businesses.

Moreover, this wallet has services and platforms for B2C and B2B applications. There are also features for logistics, payments, compliance, and processing. This wallet also alerts you instantly with every transaction. This can help you tract audit logs and get reports about your Bitcoin holdings.

BitGo Instant

As a wallet user, you have probably experienced problems with slow transaction confirmations. With BitGo Instant, you can easily send cryptocurrencies to other users without waiting for a notification. No more long hours of waiting compared before. Now, you just have to wait for the receipt, which is immediately given after you click the Send button.

Some users are doubtful with this feature, but one thing that this wallet can promise you is that there will be no double spending. Once the transaction has been made, BitGo also co-signs the transaction to make sure that all transactions are secured and approved. Usual fees are usually under 1 BTC for instant transactions.

Why choose this wallet

This wallet offers too many features to make it a secured and reliable wallet. It will not require you much because you just simply download the software from its site and you can easily use your wallet. If you worry that this wallet is not safe enough for you to store your wins from a Bitcoin dice game, you are wrong. The wallet has tons of online gamers who trust it enough to even place all in this wallet their earnings in Bitcoin dice from Bitcoin dice sites.

But even if this wallet has accomplished too much to improve itself, there are still more rooms for upgrades. As long as the cryptocurrencies are evolving, this wallet will continue to add more features that will bring convenience to you.