Easy, consistent, and protected are the three words that summarize As a software Bitcoin wallet, it is all about securing and storing your crypto currencies. The wallet, which was launched in August 2011, focuses on transactions, blockchain, Bitcoin economy, and statistics.

Apart from this wallet, all types of Bitcoin wallet are designed to act just like a physical wallet but with more features. The program varies but all wallets have the same goal: to keep your private keys and public address safe. It is difficult to find the best wallet because of the features, but as you research, you will know the differences of each wallet. Hopefully, will give you all the requirements that you are looking for.

Why choose

In the aspect of security, other than the PIN, the wallet also has a multi-factor authentication. You can use SMS, Yubikey, Google authenticator, and email verification. The wallet also provides you with a backup in which the blockchain downloads a node for every log in. There is also a packet inspection and hardware intrusion protection.

Beginners would enjoy this wallet because of its simplicity. Once you open the wallet, you will see a Search box where you can search for IP addresses and transaction IDs. Online gamers who visit Bitcoin dice sites and play free Bitcoin dice and other games also use this wallet. It is also a good storage for those who are into using a Bitcoin dice faucet.

How to start using

Before you start using Bitcoin, you have to find the wallet for you. If you have chosen, then here are the simple steps to create a wallet.

The first step would be to open the site of Click the Wallet option then choose the Create a Wallet button. You will answer the registration form that asks for your email and password. Once you finish your form, you can open your wallet and view the total number of bitcoins that you have.

Before you start using your wallet, you should verify it first in your email. Afterward, you can secure your wallet by choosing the backup phrase option that will give you 12 random codes.

If you want to add more protection to your wallet, you can add your mobile number. With this, the wallet can notify you if there is someone trying to access your account. This feature works like the two-step authentication that Gmail has. Lastly, you have the option to block suspected and anonymous IDs, especially in the TOR network. After finishing all of these, you can now use your wallet.