With the aim of being a timely wallet with intense security features, Xapo is a unique software Bitcoin wallet that has its own charms. This wallet ensures you that it can bring convenience like a mobile wallet and have security features like a hardware wallet. This wallet has features that no other software wallets have. Find out more about this special wallet.

What is Xapo?

Xapo is a company founded in 2014 by Wences Casares. This company offers a software wallet, vault, and debit card. With these products, you can send, receive, transfer, buy, sell, and convert bitcoins without limits. You can enjoy transacting with other users because it is free.

Moreover, Xapo also lets you easily access your wallet any time you want to. You can monitor your expenses, purchases, transactions, and more. You can even trade up to 150 fiat currencies. Unlike banks, this wallet lets you decide how you will spend your money.

To protect your account, the wallet has a PIN and password. It also offers the second-factor authentication that requires two different identification before you can use your wallet. In this feature, you will receive a six digit code on your mobile phone. You will use this code for you to access your account. These security features will keep you away from hacking and virtual theft.

Xapo vault and card

Apart from the convenience of being a wallet, Xapo offers services such as a vault and debit card. These two products work perfectly with the wallet and can bring you more convenience. The vault is a separate storage for you to store your crypto currencies. Compared to your wallet, it has more security features, such as private key segmentation and multi-factor authentication. The vault is also offline to make sure that no one can easily access it. With this, you can be at ease that your crypto currencies are stored in a safe place. Even Bitcoin dice gamers are using the vault to store their wins. This is because the vault can help them separate their earnings from Bitcoin dice sites.

On the other hand, the debit card is linked directly to your wallet. This card can help you buy goods from your local stores. It will take a simple swipe from the card and you can already have your product. The card can also be used in any VISA-operating ATM. The card will automatically convert your crypto currency to fiat currency when you withdraw. If you wish to buy the card, just simply create a new wallet and request. For more articles about Bitcoin and the blockchain, visit Best Bitcoin Dice site.