satoshidice_200x200SatoshiDice is the pioneering Bitcoin Dice site online. It is considered the biggest bitcoin game in the universe and it has been one of the leading bitcoin gambling sites in terms of amount wagered. It is also known to offer top-quality and unique features making their bitcoin dice game highly addictive.

Play with Full Anonymity

An account is not needed to get started at SatoshiDice. You don’t have to experience the humdrum of filing out a registration form and put some of your personal details at stake. After learning the steps on how to play dice, you can immediately place a bet by sending an amount between the minimum and maximum wager to the wallet address given.

Zero Confirmation Needed

Unlike other bitcoin dice sites, network confirmations are not necessary at SatoshiDice. This means you can send your wager and receive your payouts near-instant. Bets are evaluated as soon as the player picks up the broadcast. Worry not because safety is ensured given the fact that they always build the answering transaction with the output of your bet transaction.

Easy and Exciting Bitcoin Dice Game

In playing the game, you don’t have to learn complicated steps and aspects that other sites require. In this gaming platform everything is fast and simple. First thing you have to do is place your bet and pick a certain digit. The ghost of Satoshi will roll the dice and pick a lucky number. If that fortunate digit is less than the number you chose, winnings are for you.

SatoshiDice is Provably Fair

You can be assured that there’s no way for the system to cheat you in any ways even if you have limited understanding of Bitcoin Dice systems. For instance, they cannot change the outcome of a bet because the secret keys used are already decided ahead of time. For you to verify that the preceding bets were Provably Fair, the secrets of the hashes are released. Fret not because even though the process is technical, they have simplified the process so even an ordinary bitcoin player can verify the result of his/her game.

 Is SatoshiDice a Scam?

The answer is very much obvious – a big No. As mentioned, this is the very first bitcoin game online and up until now it caters to hundreds of players from all over the world. Its reputation has been strongly established by the length of time it has been in the industry together with the continuous support it receives from its players. On the other hand, compared to other bitcoin dice sites, SatoshiDice offers higher house edge of 1.9%. However, you can be assured of a quality and lucrative gaming experience it offers so it’s no big deal.

Overall, this bitcoin dice site is a perfect choice if you want a premium bitcoin dice game experience. With trustworthiness and excellence rolled in a great bitcoin gaming platform, utmost excitement and good earnings are ensured. Feel free to contact them at if you have questions, concerns, or comments.