Free Bitcoin Dice

Being able to play dice with Bitcoin online is a reason to indulge in cryptocurrency gambling; having the freedom to experience this amusing and engaging game without wagering any bitcoin is another. Yes, free Bitcoin dice games do exist in the online gambling arena, but never expect all dice platforms to feature this option.

Free Bitcoin Dice

This does not mean, though, that you already are at an advantage by simply playing on websites that offer free Bitcoin dice. After all, this is not a charity event; thus, winning bitcoins without wagering anything is not exactly how it works.

However, what you would have in return is the opportunity to have a first-hand experience of the Bitcoin dice game before betting actual bitcoins. The websites will offer play money, and this is what will be used to roll the dice and place a bet. Of course, when a bet is won, the winnings will not be credited to anyone’s account or Bitcoin wallet address. Instead, it will be added to the free playing credits.

If you are looking for a way to play Bitcoin dice for free, it is time to check out this list. There are not too many brands that have this feature, but feel free to browse through these websites to find the dice game that will encourage you to roll the dice even more:

  • SatoshiBet—offered here is a Roll High, Roll Low provably fair dice game. It features an animated block that mimics a die, and it provides 1,000 play money to test out the game beforehand.
  • CoinRoyale—a total of 1,000 free credits are offered to players who are new to its Bitcoin dice. Sharing an almost identical dice game with SatoshiBet, this Bitcoin casino also guarantees reliability with its provably fair system.
  • Bitcoin Video Casino—reminiscent of the vintage machine games in brick-and-mortar casinos is the design of its dice game. With 1,000 credits for free, you are able to play Roll High, Roll Low and try out its progressive dice.
  • Dicenow—featured here are several controls like manual, robot, and auto betting, but only the manual Roll Hi, Roll Lo Bitcoin dice is available for free play. Adjust the house edge from 1%, to 2% and 3%, and wager the 1,000 play credits that can be refilled.

Scheme through each of these websites and experience the gambling bliss that awaits you when playing these free Bitcoin dice games!