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Betcoin Dice Dice offers casino bettors a provably fair option to have fun and win some money in the meantime.

On the network players are informed that they could instantly win thousands of BTC in the Dice game and looking at the odds and the maximum stake per roll this is indeed possible.

The games are provably fair and a simple click on the "proof" button will show how the specific number got selected as the "lucky number". now offers their Dice game off chain meaning that there are no more transaction fees for every bet placed. Catering to the masses seems to be a focus point for, so they do still offer the "On Chain" gambing option for its players. In short, with an "on chain" bet the player sends funds for every "roll" to the website and if the roll is a winner the player gets the money automatically send to their wallet. With "off chain" betting a player deposits a certain amount on the website and uses this balance to play 1,2,10,100 wagers. Winnings will automatically be added to the account balance and when requested will be send back to the wallet. With "on chain" gaming there is a transaction fee (the blockchain fee) that gets added to the transaction, which after alot of bets can accumulate quickly. With Dice there is no such worry anymore as the player can play dice for as long as his or her balance allows without paying any additional transaction fees.

The game of Dice itself is relatively straight forward. The player decided which "chance" they want to take. The dice roll a number between 0 and 65535 and the player can decide the amount of risk to take by selecting a bet on under which number the roll will terminate. The lowest risk (and payout) is achieved by betting on UNDER 64.000. A doubling of your stake is achieved by selecting UNDER 32.000 and if you really feel lucky a 0.1 BTC bet on UNDER 64 would return the princely sum of nearly 1000 BTC. As soon as you have decided your stake and payout level 3D spin to to reveal your lucky number.

The graphics are slick and the interface is easy to navigate. The soothing red is a nice touch and in combination with the yellow dice it sits well on the weary eyes. The dice look very nice and with a bit of luck they could provide you with a huge payout. offer a support function that can be contacted by submitting a form and a simple test resulted in a near immediate response to a simple request from us.

They also offer the QR code to send the Bitcoins directly which is a nice added touch this Bitcoin dice site.