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Satoshi BonesWith a promise of zillion ways to win, SatoshiBones is a Bitcoin Dice site that will instantly catch your attention. It has been in this industry for almost a year and you can say that its reputation has already been established. Aside from reliability, it also takes pride of innovative and rewarding features – reasons bitcoin players flock in their site.

You might be asking what’s special about SatoshiBones. Truth to be told, some of their features can also be found in other gaming platforms; however, you can still be assured of highlights you must get the most of and these are as follows:


For you to enjoy a game, it has to be trustworthy. This is what SatoshiBones exactly offers. As mentioned, this site has been in the bitcoin betting industry for quite a time and the fact that it receives continued patronage from its players until now is a clear proof of good standing. More than that, transparency is also given priority in their domain through Provably Fair dice game. You are allowed to verify the integrity of winning results since the client seed and daily secret hashes are shown publicly. This is to prove that what they offer is fair and it’s impossible for them to cheat you.


There’s no need for you to open an account at SatoshiBones. You can instantly choose a numbered bet and place it by sending Bitcoins to the corresponding Bet Address. Take note that they allow only one wager per transaction for instant and anonymous betting. In playing the game, you just have to choose a particular range of numbers and if you roll less, you win. Yes, it’s as simple and easy as that.

In addition, not only the way to start and play is simple, but also the gaming platform. The interface is seamless and the control buttons are manageable. This is why even a new player can easily play the dice game and win.


Aside from provable gaming, you can be assured of the best odds around at SatoshiBones in conjunction with great Bitcoin Dice systems that can easily be integrated to their platform. The house edge is sound and the payout percentage is great. If you catch a winning streak, you will definitely win big. In addition, their dice game is more favorable than what other competing brands offer since aside from its simple and easy, you will be provided excellent odds and generous payout multipliers.

Overall, SatoshiBones is an excellent choice when looking for a reputable and quality bitcoin dice site. You can keep calm that you are in safe hands since they have been catering to bitcoin players from all over the globe for nearly a year. In addition, you will surely be delighted since the aforesaid features will bring your dice rolling actions to the next level. If in case you have questions or feedbacks, you can contact them at