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PrimeDice_200x200Prime Dice is not just another Bitcoin Dice site. It is considered one of the most advanced Bitcoin gaming portal since it offers a quick, smart, and simple way to gamble your bitcoins. Moreover, it provides a low house edge (1%), automated betting, live chat, free BTC faucet, and more. No wonder players just loved to roll the dice game they have in store and for sure, you will too.

Anonymous Gaming

In this site, you don’t have to make an account to get started. All you have to do is provide a username and you will have an access to the gaming platform through your instant account. Once logged in, you will see your generated user id and password that can be used to retrieve your account in a different computer. Therefore, it is recommended to save your id and password in secure manner.

Automated Betting

If you want a prompt and effortless roll, you can always use their automated betting feature. You just have to set up categories such as base bet, payout, win chance, and number of rolls to automate based on your preference. At first you might find this risky; however, you can always manage your bankroll when using this feature because you are allowed to customize the amount of your wager. Given this, you can make use of different money management systems to maximize your profits.

Live Chat

You will never feel alone at Prime Dice because you are allowed to air your thoughts to other online players. Through their live chat feature, you are given the chance to share your gaming experience, gain additional strategies, and even have your questions answered immediately.

Free Bitcoin Faucet

You will never runout of Bitcoins at Prime Dice. One of the distinguishing features this site has is their free bitcoin faucet. You can claim your free bitcoins by simply entering the captcha code given correctly. By doing so, you will receive additional top ups to your bankroll. Just take note that the faucet gives off free coins at a certain time frame so make the most of your free BTCs.

Play and Win in Three Simple Steps

To start your ultimate rolling experience, first thing you have to do is provide a payout address. This is the address where they will send your earnings. After, you can fund your account by sending the amount you wish to deposit in a personal address provided. Last but not the least is to enjoy the bitcoin dice game to your heart’s content.

Provably Fair Dice Game

Fairness will never be a question at Prime Dice. They are 100% Provably Fair. Given this, you are guaranteed that they will never cheat you. In the betting page, you will notice ‘seeds’ displayed. You can use these tools along with their ‘secret’ hashes, which they show to everyone, to prove that each roll you made is fair and not manipulated.

Prime Dice is a good site to play dice game with bitcoins. You will surely be delighted to roll the game while enjoying the above mentioned highlights and advantages. You can easily get in touch with this bitcoin dice site at for questions, concerns, or suggestions.