How to Win Dice

Bitcoin dice is one of the most popular casino games in the Bitcoin gambling community today. The reason behind this is that it is very straightforward and its results are determined in an instant. At the same time, playing with Bitcoin is gratifying as it is challenging. On top of that, it showcases a very low house edge compared with other Bitcoin games. And with the simple ways on how to win dice, thousands of Bitcoin gamblers now try their luck in this game, hoping they could cash in huge sums of wins.
dice systems

But before you start playing Bitcoin dice, it is a must for you to know how to win dice and the Bitcoin dice system to be able to increase your bankroll. Just like your chances of winning other casino games, your odds in playing Bitcoin dice can be improved.  As long as you have that “willpower” to beat the odds, your Bitcoin wallet will surely be loaded with heaps of bitcoins in no time.

To help you achieve a fruitful and profitable gaming experience, we have provided some quick guidelines that you can use to help build your own dice winning strategy. Following these might as well let you figure out for yourself how to win dice like a pro.

Master the basic dice rules

Always remember that Bitcoin dice is different from the land-based dice games you know. Since this game is online, expect simpler rules and provably fair gameplay. And before knowing how to win dice, master first the basics of the game. Here, you get to choose your win chance in percentage and your preferred amount of bet for each roll. These two can be adjusted through buttons or controls provided by the site. After which, decide whether you will roll under or roll over the number corresponding the win chance you chose. With all these variables set, you may now click the Roll button to know whether you win or lose.

Manage your money properly

No matter how big or small your Bitcoin balance is, it is best that you always employ a dice strategy for betting so you could have better control of your balance. Though this strategy does not focus on laying down the sure ways on how to win dice, this will give you a hand in managing your bitcoins wisely. With proper money management, you can maximize your winnings and control your losses. Also, keep in mind that you should only risk what you can afford to lose and remember to not go over that amount to avoid chasing losses in the end.

Calculate the odds and probability

We know that Bitcoin dice is a game of chance, but playing the odds and calculating probabilities are some of the ‘skills’ which can help boost your chance on how to win dice. Instead of just hitting Roll-Hi and Roll-Lo at random, consider predicting the outcome of the next rolls. If the previous roll is low, try hitting the Roll-Hi button and see where your intuition can take you. And when you’ve already lost for a series of times with your bet always under Roll-Hi, consider having a change of heart toward the Roll-Lo button. This method may sound strange at first, but this is one great way to give you the win you are aiming for.

Know the dice betting systems

If you think beating the odds in a dice game is just a matter of luck or a matter of bet control, think twice. Winning the game can also be owed to the use of dice systems which depend on your winning or losing turns. By knowing the common systems such as the Martingale and the D’Alembhert, you might realize that using such can be your way on how to win dice. Also, it pays to be familiar with the Paroli system wherein you control your bet amounts based on the occurrence of losses or of winning streaks.

Just bear these pointers in mind because these might be your ultimate weapons on how to win dice games in whichever site you choose to play in.